Hardy Brothers “Curate”


My favorite Hardy Brothers (Alnwick, England) gadget is called the “Curate” …an all-in-one device that combines tweezers, gut cutters, a pick, a dry fly oil reservoir and a priest. I love this thing !

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The Hardy “Curate” And A Clearing Ring

Handsomely finished of nickel over brass, the “Curate” has an intrinsic feel of quality about it.  At 6.25″ long the “Curate” is a bit unwieldy for a vest pocket accessory and is bulkier than most fishing knives …making it cumbersome to carry about.

The “Curate” looks rather like a pair of tweezers with a sturdy handle. The handle (the priest) is hollow and can store the dry fly oil. The screw-off cap holds the pick. Now there’s a problem …imagine trying to clear the eye of a fly with the pick while not spilling dry fly oil all over yourself. Unless possessed with remarkable dexterity this had to be a messy experience. In my opinion the “Curate” is a vain attempt at over-achievement and while quite attractive and very well made, it’s not a model of usefulness.

Perhaps the fisherman of the time (Circa 1914) also deemed the “Curate” impractical and this is why it is one of the scarcest of Hardy’s vest pocket collectibles.

Note The Pick On The Cap


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